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Popular beauty queen Anna Anderssen enjoyed a secret romance with bad boy Mitchell Donavan when they were seventeen. Their romance burned hot and bright until it unexpectedly imploded, leaving them both singed and scarred. Getting over a first love should have been easy, but Anna quickly discovered Mitch was impossible to forget.

The boy from the wrong side of the tracks had never known anyone like the exuberant Anna. The girl who had it all seemed as genuine as she was gorgeous. Mitch fell hard and fast and her betrayal left him nursing a wounded heart.

Mitch swore he’d never get involved with Anna again. But now that she’s back in Sweet River, he can’t help giving her a second look. Mitch is everything she wants but Anna fears that the secret she holds close to her heart could put an end to their rediscovered love…this time for good.




        Newest Release


We have now entered my favorite time of the year! The leaves are beginning to turn and, when I go for a walk in the morning or at night, I need a hoodie.  Awww, the bliss. I'm so thankful for the love you've been showing THE PINK HOUSE, the first book in my new GraceTown series. Also, if you love audiobooks (my hand is up) The Pink House is now available in audio! Later this month, SWEET RIVER REUNION, is coming your way. This is an uplifting romance that will keep you turning the page and leave you with a smile on your face!


I was so excited for September to arrive. Not only do I love cooler temps, pumpkin spice, and hoodies, this month marks the release of the first book in my new GraceTown series! The working title of THE PINK HOUSE was Her Mother's House. I lost my beloved mother a long time ago and there have been so many times I wished I could speak with her or hug her just once more. I firmly believe a mother's love never leaves us. In this heartwarming story (and yes, there is a romance) Hannah discovers that her mother is there for her when she needs her most...


August brings a new Jackson Hole book, HIS HOMETOWN GIRL. This binge-worthy series now has 12 books in it!  You don't have to read them all to enjoy any one of them, but if you're like me it's fun to catch up on characters you've seen before!


It's my birthday month and I'm happy dancing. Not only do I have three books out this month, but I had a chance to spend time with several writer friends this month. Not only did I get my well-refilled while enjoying two different writing retreats, I got sooooo much writing done. Now, I'm back home and...writing some more. What's that old saying--if you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life? I guess that sums up my happy life.


I looked up and suddenly it's June! I love this month for so many reasons. LOVE ME SWEET is released on the 6th! ONE FINE DAY is on sale all month for $.99 and HOME FOR THE HOLLY DAYS just won the Holt Medallion in the Short Contemporary category!!


Happy Month of May!  I'm loving the rain, the signs of spring, and the fact that there is a new Good Hope book out this month!  REMEMBER ME IN GOOD HOPE is a not to be missed addition to the series. 


In our family, April is birthday month and we're celebrating all month long!  My daughter and two (out of three) granddaughters were born in April. It's also the release month of THE FIVE DATE CHALLENGE. Do you know why I love this story so much? It's because it involves family and there isn't anything I like better than a love story in the context of home and family. Even if you don't have any birthdays to celebrate this month, pick up a copy of this wonderful book and celebrate Noah and Josie finding their happily ever after! 


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