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A scientist with a genius IQ, Dexter Woodard knows everything about numbers and nothing about women. When he’s dumped by his girlfriend, Dexter is puzzled. He decides to do what he does best: gather data. Only this time on love.

New in town, Sage McConnell has much to learn about Good Hope. Thankfully when it comes to people, she’s already an expert. Life has taught her how to tell who has a good heart--and who should be told goodbye. With Dexter, however, something doesn’t add up. Dexter is smart, sexy, and available, yet no matter how many sparks fly when they’re together, he holds back.

When Dexter tells Sage about his study, she agrees to help. As their research advances, so do their feelings. Are Sage and Dexter actually falling in love? Or is their experiment in emotion about to explode?




        Newest Release


A new year means lots of new heartwarming stories coming your way!  What's on tap for 2023?  February will see the release of an uplifting Good Hope book, THIS THING CALLED LOVE IN GOOD HOPE. You don't want to miss this one! March will bring the second book in the GraceTown series, THE LOVE TOKEN. This story will definitely tug at your heartstrings. In May we return to Jackson Hole with SWEET HOME JACKSON HOLE, then it's back to Good Hope in July for A FAMILY AFFAIR IN GOOD HOPE. Phew, we've barely made it half a year and my head is already swimming. More on the second half of the year (which is equally great) when I have more time--and space!


Ho-ho-ho!  It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas with the release of SNOW PLACE LIKE HOLLY POINTE.  Bring some kindness and joy into your life this holiday season by reading this holiday heartwarmer.


Welcome, November!  I know I shouldn't be looking ahead but I've got Christmas on my mind. TIS the season to binge on uplifting Christmas movies and read heartwarming books. The sparkle of the season is impossible to deny in these wonderful holiday stories: in addition to all the books in my Holly Pointe series (you can find the titles under the header ALL BOOKS above), be sure to check out CHRISTMAS IN GOOD HOPE, IT STARTED WITH JOY and FOR THE LOVE OF IVY. The magic of Christmas is just a click away! 


We have now entered my favorite time of the year! The leaves are beginning to turn and, when I go for a walk in the morning or at night, I need a hoodie.  Awww, the bliss. I'm so thankful for the love you've been showing THE PINK HOUSE, the first book in my new GraceTown series. Also, if you love audiobooks (my hand is up) The Pink House is now available in audio! Later this month, SWEET RIVER REUNION, is coming your way. This is an uplifting romance that will keep you turning the page and leave you with a smile on your face!


I was so excited for September to arrive. Not only do I love cooler temps, pumpkin spice, and hoodies, this month marks the release of the first book in my new GraceTown series! The working title of THE PINK HOUSE was Her Mother's House. I lost my beloved mother a long time ago and there have been so many times I wished I could speak with her or hug her just once more. I firmly believe a mother's love never leaves us. In this heartwarming story (and yes, there is a romance) Hannah discovers that her mother is there for her when she needs her most...


August brings a new Jackson Hole book, HIS HOMETOWN GIRL. This binge-worthy series now has 12 books in it!  You don't have to read them all to enjoy any one of them, but if you're like me it's fun to catch up on characters you've seen before!


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